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Who the fuck cares...

I am so sick of people constantly badgering other people about the whole emo thing! "Oh she's so not emo, just trying to fit in." "What the fuck is he wearing..stupid emo poser!"


Who cares about what people wear, who fucking cares if one person will listen to goddamn Get up Kids & then switch to Posion or something....It's they're damn choice of music..Let them express that... for isn't that what music is all about? Expression.

Do not call someone a poser... Maybe they are just getting into the whole "emo fad". Maybe they heard a song by Dashboard on the radio (cause we all know how much every one seems to hate that) & then start listening to more "emo". Who cares if they don't wear "emo sweaters" or cuff their pants...any of that "emo fasion" shit.

I'm so sick of elitist bastards who think that they are the shit because they listened to Pedro the Lion before other people, or whatever.... there will most likely be someone who has listened to it before you.

Music is a beautiful thing, whether it be emo, country, or John fucking Tesh...
Just try & respect that.

Bitch at me if you want, call me a poser, call me whatever. I'm just sick of everyone picking on everyone else...
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