.k a r l a....g - s p o t. (luvndj) wrote in shitty_music,
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hello i just joined this. and i'm glad there is some ranting page for SHITTY MUSIC. and first and foremost i would like to say that i have a life. i go to school, work, and hangout with my friends all the time. of course, there is the times between of everything that allow me to get online. so for those of you who have to say "why don't you get a life and blah"...i have one, maybe YOU should get a life. so moving on, i would like to say that i HATE britney spears with a fucking passion......all the songs sound the same and she is old. AHHH! she's disgusting, with a computer programmed voice...sorry britney yer a not a fucking industrial band, bitch. and yes, pretty much ALL of the popular music out there SUCKS. so...lets all wait patiently for the new NIN album in may. kthxbai :D

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