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shitty_music's Journal

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All that which is lame
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As a musician and a music lover, I've become increasingly displeased with the state of modern popular music. It seems that the radio and airwaves are saturated with watered-down replicas of bands that were already watered-down replicas of other bands themselves. It is my opinion that this time, right now, is perhaps the worst in modern history (since the 50's, if we're talking rock n' roll) when it comes to popular music.

With that in mind, this is a sounding board. This is a place where you can come and blow off steam. I'm wary that this could lead to a lot of back and forth bickering, I'm hoping to avoid that and I do reserve the right to boot you out of here if you get annoying and/or overly confrontational.

So...let the bitching begin!

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